JAMM1 -- Jet Black (v2)

D&D Module for Characters Level 3-7
by Jenni A. M. Merrifield
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Appendix 1: NPC's

* Editors Note:
"CM" stands for the 1st Ed. AD&D Statistic Comeliness. While this is not even a standard AD&D Statistic, let alone a standard OD&D Statistic, it is used in my campaigns and so is included in these NPC descriptions. Think of Comeliness as a measure of physical beauty, versus Charisma that is a measure of persuasiveness and personal magnetism.


10th Level Magic User
ST 10, IN 17, WS 11, DX 13, CN 12, CH 16, CM* 17
AL: Chaotic, AC 9, MV 120' (40'); hp 27; #AT 1; Dmg By Spell or Weapon;

Physical description
age  34
height  5'2"
weight  115#
hair  black, short and wavy
eyes  black
skin  fair, creamy white

Languages Known
Darokin Common
Glantrian Common
Thyatian Common

Weapon Proficiencies
weapon mastery level
Staff Skilled
Dagger Expert

Non-Weapon Skills
skill attribute
Acting  CH
Alchemy + 1  IN
Alternate Magics  IN
Music [plucked strings] 
(i.e., harp, zither, etc.) 
Sience [biology]  IN

Magic Items Normally Worn or Carried
Ring of Protection +2
Passwall Ring

Available Spells: See Room 21: Special Storage Room for details

Simon Treemonsha

3rd Level Elf
ST 12, IN 16, WS 11, DX 10, CN 12, CH 12, CM* 12
AL: Lawful, AC 9, MV 120' (40'); hp 12; #AT 1; Dmg By Spell or Weapon;

Physical description
age  235
height  5'4"
weight  120#
hair  light brown, straight, short cropped
eyes  grey blue
skin  fair, white

Languages Known
Elven (Alfheim Dialect)
Darokin Common
Glantrian Common
Thyatian Common

Weapons of Choice
Long Bow

Non-Weapon Skills
skill attribute
Bargaining + 2  CH
Knowledge [Art History of Darokin] +1  IN
Persuasion  IN
Profession [Art Dealer]  IN

Magic Items Normally Worn or Carried

Available Spells
level  spells
1st Analyse, Floating Disk, Protection From Evil, Read Languages, Read Magic, Sleep
2nd Locate Object, Knock, Wizard Lock

Appendix 2: Magic Items

Balance of Conversion

Balance scale, with 6" diameter trays. Placing coin (up to 500cn if in a bag) on the left side and saying the correct command word gets a gem of approximately equal value on right side. Placing a gem on the right side and saying the correct command word gets coin of approximately equal value on left.

Command word to get gems: Be-schu ("Bijou"). Command word to get coin: Ar-zjon ("Argent")

The gems are usually of a type that has an average value appropriate for the original value in coin. Coin produced is usually gold pieces from a particular location (i.e., Thyatian Royals). However, if the PC using it concentrates, he can attempt to select the gem type and quality or the coin denomination and origin. The user must be familiar with the type of gem or coin they are requesting for this to work. There is a 5% chance of failure for each request that is different from the default (i.e., requesting platinum has a 5% chance of failure, platinum from a different country (i.e., Sind) has a 10% chance). If the user requests something that is, for all practical purposes, 'impossible' (i.e. platinum from Darokin, or a 500gp piece of quartz) the scale will revert to producing its regular default.

True value of generated coin or gems (roll d10)

  1 to 5   value is worth 2d4% less
  6 to 8   value is equal.
  9 or 10   value is worth 2d4% more

The Balance of Conversion can be used as an ordinary scale if desired, but the PC needs to own a set of merchant's weights in order to do so.

Passwall Ring

Created by Matrissa to give herself access to her Special Storage Room (room 21) it allows the wearer to cast Passwall twice per day. The wearer must think of the command word and hold his hand out towards the surface in which the passageway is to be cut. The surface must be within the regular range of the spell. The command word is the Common Galantrian phrase "Let Me Pass" and is engraved inside the band.

Ring of Clairaudience

This ring has an amethyst on it that may be easily separated from the ring by a simple twist. If the PC wearing the ring places the stone somewhere, he will be able to hear anything said within 60' of the stone, assuming that a normal human sitting at the stone's location would have heard it (i.e., whispers must be near by or they will be unclear or even undetected). The effective range between the ring and the stone is 1 mile.

The stone by itself is worth 100gp.

Ring of Fashion

This ring allows the wearer to swap out current clothing for any outfit they can imagine. All outfits created by the ring have AC9. Simple concentration for one round will bring original clothing back from the dimension it was swapped into. Note that large pieces of metal (i.e. chain or plate mail or studded leather armour) will negate the power of the ring.

Small magical items (rings, bracers and jewellery) will remain on the ring's user; larger items (such as magical leather armour) will swap out with normal clothing.

There is no limit on the number of times the user may use the power of this ring in a given day. However, there is a 1% chance each use of producing a random set of clothing (instead of that desired by the user). This set of clothing will last for 1d6 turns before fading and the ring's user will not be able to retrieve their real clothing until it comes back on its own.

The Command word for this ring: Sha-nel ("Chanel")

Ring of Range Extension

This ring extends the spell ranges for any spell caster (Paladin, Cleric or Magic User). It originally contained 25 charges, although Matrissa has used three charges, so it only has 22 charges left. It is not rechargeable. The power is activated by directed thought of the wearer.

Charge use is cumulative - i.e., one charge doubles range, two will triple the range, etc. Will not extend spells with a range of 0" or touch and does not extend the spell's area of effect. The ring's power can be used for spells cast from scroll or other device but can't be used to cast a spell into a plane other than that which the wearer currently occupies.

Scroll of Mapping
(From Rules Cyclopedia, p235) Appears to be a blank scroll. When held and commanded to write this scroll will draw a map of an area chosen. The area must be completely within 100' of the scroll, and it may be up to 10,000 square feet in size. The scroll has 1 chance in 6 to detect secret doors, but it will not draw what lies beyond them. The scroll functions once per day.

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