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D&D Module for Characters Level 3-7
by Jenni A. M. Merrifield
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General Adventure Notes and Events:

Matrissa is a sick, twisted, dark and evil person, who loves to torture animals and people for the fun of it. She is certifiably crazy, and is definitely of Chaotic alignment. She tends to wear clothes that are all black, though she does own a few more colourful outfits. If the PC's meet Matrissa in a "social setting" she should be described as being petite and incredibly beautiful, with an air of distance and mystery about her. If she is first met in an "encounter setting", she should be described as having an air of danger and evil about her.

If any PC is "interesting", either in his level of beauty, or by his uniqueness within Darokin, Matrissa will be very tempted to "acquire" him. Given an opportunity, she might try to charm him, and get him to "help her in the kitchen" so that she may learn more about their group and the people they represent (if they are working on someone else's behalf). On the other hand, there is a good chance that if the PC's offer seems very good, it will interest her more than trying to keep one of them - the DM should use her best judgement.

Matrissa carries a key ring on her belt at all times that she is awake. This key ring holds the keys to all the lockable doors in her manor and underground dungeon. On the main floor (level 1), all the interior doors will be unlocked, except that if she is in her Bedroom (area 9) or Bathroom (area 11) these doors will be locked. On all other levels, all interior doors that are not secret will be locked unless otherwise noted. Also, the doors on the same floor of her home or level of her dungeon will all use the same key, unless otherwise noted.

On any given day, if it is between dawn and the time for her to memorize any spells she needs to replace or exchange, (i.e. at 1 turn/level it would take her 6 turns, or 1hr, to memorize two first and one fourth level spell) she will be found in her Meditation Room (area 19). Between the time she finishes studying and 9pm at night there is a 70% chance that Matrissa is "downstairs" in either her Magical Workroom and Laboratory (area 27), Torture Chamber (area 26) or where ever is appropriate for her daily plans. If she is "upstairs" she will be in the Library (area 12) reading an ordinary book or in the Kitchen (area 7) eating a meal. Between 9pm and 10pm she will be in the Bathroom (area 11) soaking in her tub. After 10pm she will be in her Bedroom (area 9), sleeping. Don't forget that she will occasionally remember to feed her "pets" (both the animal and humanoid ones) as well, but will not spend much time with them unless she is specifically doing something with one of them.

At all times Matrissa's current spell compliment will depend on what the DM decides she has been doing that day and on the success of failure of earlier interactions with the PC's. In particular, note that a decision to make some more "art" will be reflected in a high number of physical and mental control spells. Based on what she is doing, determine what spells she still has in her mind at the time the PC's first encounter her. Suggestions for various events on each day the PC's are around Matrissa's Mansion are listed below. These are just suggestions however, and if things transpire to make these events unlikely, modify Matrissa's actions and plans as necessary.

At Matrissa's Manor, Day 1:

In the morning of the first day that the PC's arrive at Matrissa's glen, Matrissa needs to re-memorize two 1st, one 4th and two 5th level spells, she chooses Floating Disk, Light, Wizard Eye and Telekinesis x 2. At the end of her memorization session she will eventually have the following spells in her mind:

1st Light x 2, Floating Disk
2nd Continual Light x 2, Web
3rd Dispel Magic x 2, Hold Person
4th Dimension Door, Charm Monster, Wizard Eye
5th Telekinesis x 2

Matrissa shouldn't actually be planning on actually "creating" any art on this day, instead she plans to begin some biology experiments dealing with how some animals (like kittens, puppies, squirrels, small birds, etc.) react to having light and continual light spells cast on them in various ways (i.e. she'll cast one version of light or dark on their eyes and wrap their head in a sack (so the spells don't interact with one another) and leave them that way for a while, or she might cast it on their body and surround the cage in burlap so that it is unable to escape the light, etc. -- go wild, have fun with the concept). She will set these experiments up in her Magical Workroom and Laboratory (area 27).

At Matrissa's Manor, Day 2:

On the second day after the PC's arrive at Matrissa's glen, unless she specifically makes other plans (such as meeting with the PC's for further negotiations), she should spend more time in her Magical Workroom and Laboratory (area 27), conducting Alchemical experiments, which will continue working on for several days, thus the alchemy bench will be covered in bubbling, boiling, hissing equipment for several days (even if she isn't in the room -- she isn't very safety conscious.)

At Matrissa's Manor, Day 3:

On the third day after the PC's arrive at Matrissa's glen, she should plan to check on her various experiments, and she might consider playing with some of her captives unless she would have other plans as a result of interactions with the PC's.

At Matrissa's Manor, Day 4:

Simon should arrive at Matrissa's with news of his success on the fourth day after the PC's arrive at Matrissa's glen. If Matrissa has previously found out how much the statues actually sold for, and has been given any idea that an artist would usually receive a percentage rate for sale of their art rather than a flat rate she will NOT be happy with Simon, and he is in serious danger of becoming her next victim. When he arrives she will attempt to charm him, and then take him down to the Torture Chamber (area 26) where she will lock him to one of the racks and go to it. There she will alternate between vicious, painful torture, where she tells him all about how she makes her statues and what he can expect to have happen in the next day or so, and sweet caressing touches where she tells him how much she hates to hurt him but that he's been such a bad boy (you get the general idea). She will continue at this all day, when she will leave him tied up until the next day when she plans to make him into artwork. Note that if this happens, she will ride his horse and wagon out that night, leaving it in a place far from her home, attempting to make it look like bandits had attacked him. Because she will walk back she will be gone until around noon of the next day.

If, on the other hand, Matrissa has no knowledge of how badly she is being ripped off, she will have a glass of wine with him, take the money he owes her, and tell him she has to think about working in conjunction with Toney house in the future. If she hasn't already made some sort of agreement with the PC's she'll ask him to come back in a week when she'll give him her decision, and let him go back to Akorros.

At Matrissa's Manor, Day 5:

If she had to take Simon's wagon and horses out, she'll return at noon and then go down to "talk" to Simon some more. She won't bother to prepare him via charm, etc -- instead she'll just force him into the cage, and see what his fear looks like.

Otherwise, it's up to the DM to figure out what she'll do today and for any further days. Remember that she has one new "bust" already prepared (although she will only move this bust into her art room or another publicly accessible place if the NPC's have not seen her 'fake' example in the art room or if she believe that they are not around and will not return for sometime). She could also plan on making some more art. If Simon has gone back to Akorros, when he returns in a week, it is up to the DM to decide what Matrissa will do and say.


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