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D&D Module for Characters Level 3-7
by Jenni A. M. Merrifield
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Level 2


Level 2 & 3

14. Wood Storage

This area is long and narrow, with a smooth, 10' wide and 10' long metal ramp at the far end, that leads up to an 7' long, 2' high wooden door. At the bottom of the ramp is a large stack of chopped wood.

The doors are locked by a chain and padlock on the outside and can not be opened from inside (unless previously broken by the PC's). In fact, climbing the ramp to get to the door is difficult: a thief that makes a successful climb walls roll will succeed, anyone else will find it difficult to hold on and will slip and slide down to the bottom on 4 or less on a d6. They will take no damage, but will look very foolish as they end up in a sprawl atop the woodpile.

15. Wine Cellar

This 15'x15' room contains three rows of wine racks and two small kegs.

Most of the racks are empty, but there are a few bottles of wine on the first rack. There are five bottles of "Mirlenev Red" a very nice, very expensive wine from the region around Specularum from a wine maker whose family has been established since the days when Specularum was Mirlenev. These particular bottles are all from a "very good year" and, unopened, would sell for about 25sp to 30sp a bottle. If the players drink any tell them that it is one of the nicest, most full bodied, aromatic wines they have ever tasted.

Of the two kegs, one is full of apple cider (55sp untapped, 75cn) which is very nice, and one is full of a light beer (30sp untapped, 75cn). Each keg holds 50 pints.

16. Art Room

This room appears to be an artist's work room. There is a potter's wheel and a kiln to the N of the doorway. In the middle of the room, there is a worktable covered in canvas that has a few examples of pottery, in various states of completion, upon it. The NE corner has a plain wooden worktable against the wall with a hammer, some chisels and an partially carved piece of jet on it. There are two stools, one by each worktable, and two painters' easels near the S wall.

This room is more or less a sham. Matrissa had it created because she liked art and wanted to dabble in it, but discovered she had no real talent for most forms. This was why she hatched her macabre plan - she had already discovered the underground stream and caverns in the area when she carved out the levels of her Dungeon, so she barred of the cavern directly beneath her Work room and then went in search of a Basilisk or Cockatrice or some other monster with a similar capability to finish off her plan. She was incredibly pleased to find the creature that she did.

Particularly observant PC's may notice that the incomplete bust on the wooden worktable is slightly smaller than the full life-size of her other works. This is because she used a block chopped out of a "leftover" bit, and so couldn't form a block that would actually result in a life-size piece. If Matrissa is questioned about the disparity in size, she will simply state that she only uses the best, flawless stone and this was the largest piece she could get out of her last shipment. She will say that she is planning to carve a child, since the piece is about the right size for that. If questioned further (i.e. where did she get the stone from, why couldn't they provide her with the same size pieces as before...) she will attempt to avoid the question, or divert their attentions. If they still press her, she is likely to respond huffily and ask them to leave if they are going to pester her about unimportant details.

Anther observation is that the detail on what is carved is no where near that of her "finished works" - she will say that it is only in the very roughest of stages. Also, there isn't anywhere near enough fragments of jet stone on the floor and table for the workroom of a stone worker. (Though that can be easily explained by the presence of crushed jet in the front door path).

The potters wheel has not been used for some time as someone examining it will soon see - the waste clay in the bottom of the splash tray is hard as rock, and there are cobwebs between the wheel and the edge of the tray. The kiln is also stone cold, and looks incredibly clean (i.e. no bits of ceramics or dripped glaze in the bottom). The shelves with the few examples of pottery will again show up a lack of detail. If questioned on this point, Matrissa will claim that clay is a completely different, softer, medium and most artists find it difficult to achieve the same kind of detail with it.

Under the worktable with the canvas cloth covering it (a traditional format for making hand moulded pottery) there are a few bags of dried-up clay which are all hard as rocks. The top of the table has some dried clay smudges on it, but it is otherwise fairly clean.

Despite the painter's easels, there are no canvases, no paints and no brushes or other painter's equipment anywhere in the room.

Note that an observant PC may notice that the N wall of this room is made of a stone that has a distinctly redder colour than that used in the rest of the building.

17. Unfinished Room

This room is large and dark and full of dirt and the ground is uneven. There is a completely clean, totally cold fireplace against the far wall.

This room is an unfinished section of Matrissa's official basement. If she has brought PC's down to her Art Room (area 16) and they ask what is behind the door leading into the area she will show it to them and explain that when she was having her home constructed, the builders excavated a basement region that covered more area than she really needed. After she had explained to them what rooms she wanted in her basement, the engineers found they had dug out too much space. As a result they chose to leave the area unfinished. Someday she may get builders in to finish it off into something - perhaps an extra bedroom for guests, or a ballroom for having lavish parties in....

The floor of the room is noticeably sloped upwards towards the SE corner of the room, where the dirt almost touches the ceiling. If the PC's choose to dig in this corner they should find a large number of bones and skulls belonging to a grand total of twenty humans, elves and dwarves. These are the remains of the original construction crew whom Matrissa "eliminated" after the work was done. She had hired them individually and from several cities far away from Akorros, so the fact that they had all mysteriously disappeared was never noted.

See the section about the Secret Pass Throughs (area 20) for details on opening the secret door on the N wall.

Note that an observant PC may notice that the N wall of this room is made of a stone that has a distinctly redder colour than that used in the rest of the building.

18. Large Storage Room

This room appears to be a general storage area containing cleaning equipment (brooms, mops, pails, etc.), and other items. There are also shelves on the W wall, and some preserved foodstuffs can be seen there. There are some small barrels at the back end of the room and several full sacks lying on the floor

The door to this room is not locked.

This room contains miscellaneous household items, as well as pantry items that can be stored for long periods of time, such as dried and canned fruit and vegetables, salted meat, grains and legumes (in the barrels), rice and flour (in the sacks), etc. There is probably enough food here to provide the whole party with one more week of "preserved rations" each.

Note that an observant PC may notice that the N wall of this room is made of a stone that has a distinctly redder colour than that used in the rest of the building.

19. Meditation Room

This room is completely draped in thick, richly coloured cloth draperies and there is a woven cloth mat covering most of the floor. There are also a large number of huge pillows in the NE corner. Scattered about the room are several empty wine bottles with half-used candles sticking out of them. In the NW and SW corners are low corner tables, also covered with rich cloth. Both have three pronged candelabras on them and the NW one also has a censer in the middle of it. The candles in the candelabras are almost completely used up.

The censer is made of copper (2sp, 15cn) and contains a fresh 1" cube of pressed incense (2gp, 1cn). There is a shelf under the table, hidden by the cloth drapes. On it there is a tinder box (3gp, 5cn), a plain wooden box (5sp, 5cn) that is 2"x2"x1" in size and that holds two more incense cubes, 6 candles (1sp, 1cn). The candelabras are silver (6gp, 20cn each).

The pillows are roughly circular and range in size from 1' to 4' in diameter. They are soft and comfortable to lounge around on, but are not very valuable and are very bulky.

This is where Matrissa likes to study while memorizing her spells. She hides her spell books in her Special Storage Room (area 21), which she had put in after the house was built. See the description of that room for more details.

Note that an observant PC, looking under the hanging wall cloths, may notice that the N wall of this room is made of a stone which has a distinctly redder colour than that used in the rest of the building.

20. Secret Pass Throughs

These two secret pass through regions provide Matrissa with additional ways of moving between the front and back parts of level 2. Trap doors in the pass through also provide access down to level 3 via ladders. Matrissa rarely uses these access points - she put them in to ensure that her dungeon areas were provided with more than one escape route if ever she needed one.

The doors on either end of the pass through are secret from the outside, opened by using the foot to press a small stone on the wall near the floor. From the inside, the doors are clearly apparent and are opened by pressing a thumb latch just above the handle. When these doors open, they pivot about their centre, forming two 2' wide passages on either side. It would not be possible for anyone in armour or carrying a lot of equipment to pass through. Taking the armour/and or equipment off and pushing/pulling it through in bits and pieces will work, but should take several rounds to accomplish.

21. Special Storage Room

This is a 20'x20' square room that appears to be lit by a continual light spell centred on the middle of the ceiling. It has a bookshelf along the E wall and a glass display cabinet in the NE corner. A deep fireplace dominates the W wall, and two small trunks sit on the floor just S of it. There are also no obvious exits other than the one you used to come in.

This room is where Matrissa stores her Spell Books, and other treasures, including some of her favourite magical items which she has picked up over time. Note that the walls, ceilings and floors surrounding it are all approximately 10' thick and it has no physical entrance. Note also that the walls are made of a stone that is a distinctly redder colour than the rest of the building. (This is because Matrissa had the 10' thick wall that separates level 2 into a front and back section put in after the building had been built).

Normally, Matrissa enters this room from within her Meditation Room (area 19) by using the power of her Passwall ring(which she made expressly for this purpose) to make a hole in the wall between the two rooms. She will generally use the second daily use of the Passwall ring to put things back when she is finished with them.

This room is also protected by a contingency spell. (Matrissa purchased the necessary scroll from an obliging Mage for an outrageous sum.) The contingency is:

If any creature or creatures enters this room and Matrissa is not one of them, wait 30 seconds or until someone attempts to exit the room and then cast the wall of fire spell in such a way that it completely surrounds all the individuals in the room and blocks access to any furniture, objects or exits from the room.

The effect of this contingency will usually be to cause a wall of fire to roughly encircle the edges of the room while folding around the display cabinet, bookshelf, treasure chests and the fireplace. The full area of such a wall of fire should easily be accommodated here - a wall of fire flush against the walls of the room would cover 800 square feet and every additional 1 foot of vertical fold adds 10 square feet, and adding 40 feet of vertical folds is simple. Note also that the wall of fire spell is normally maintained through concentration, so assuming that the contingency spell effectively has an infinitely long concentration span the wall of fire will remain active forever or until dispelled.

The Glass Display Cabinet: This cabinet is permanently attached to the wall and does not have any obvious means of opening it. A special magical latch that opens only with the correct command word (known only to Matrissa) seals it. Casting Dispel Magic on the cabinet may also open the latch. If the cabinet is forced open in any way it will cause a poison gas to billow into the room. It is possible for a thief to detect this trap, but they will not be able to disarm it (there is no access to the trap mechanism from outside the case).

Poison Gas: Save vs. Poison or collapse into unconsciousness. Each character surrounded by the gas will take 1d8 in damage each round, regardless of their state of consciousness. If some opening into the room is maintained, the gas will disperse completely in two hours. As it disperses, the damage it does is reduced: after every fifteen minutes of dispersion, subtract an additional 1hp from rolled damage, although damage is always at least 1hp. (I.e. after a quarter of an hour of dispersion, the gas will do 1d8-1 in damage. After three-quarters of an hour: 1d8-3)

Inside the display cabinet are three shelves with the following items on them (See the "Magical Items" Section in the Appendix for a description of unusual magic items):

Top Shelf
A diamond tiara (2,000pp) and a matching necklace (1,000pp), both on a black velvet display stand.
Middle Shelf
Five red velvet ring display stands, of which two are empty. The three that are there appear to be a simple silver ring with an amethyst (Ring of Claraudience), a gold band with a ruby (Ring of Fashion), and a gold ring with a matt finish (Ring of Range Extension).
Bottom Shelf
A brass balance scale (Balance of Conversion)

The Treasure Chests: The two chests contain some additional treasures that Matrissa picked up during her adventuring years. Each chest is locked and trapped with a poison dart trap. There are six darts that will shoot out in a semicircle, each causing 2d6+1 points of damage to anyone who is hit. (Save vs. poison to take half damage).

Inside one chest are 1000pp, 4455gp, 2400sp, 4 pearls (500gp each), and 2 rubies (800gp each).

Inside the other chest is a Scroll of Mapping, two vials - one potion of healing (yellow), one potion of super healing (bright red) - and a 4" diameter quartz "crystal ball" (50gp, 10cn). Note that the "crystal ball" is not magical, but is a perfect specimen for enchantment.

Matrissa's Spell books: Matrissa normally keeps her spell books on the bookshelf against the E wall. Although the DM is free to make changes to the following information, depending on the level of her campaign, it is provided as an indication of just how powerful Matrissa is.

These are the Magic Spells that are currently available in Matrissa's spell books:

1st Charm Person, Floating Disk, Hold Portal, Light*, Magic Missile, Read Magic, Shield, Sleep
2nd Continual Light*, Detect Invisible, Knock, Mirror Image, Phantasmal Force, Web
3rd Create Air, Dispel Magic, Fly, Hold Person*, Lightning Bolt, Water Breathing
4th Charm Monster, Dimension Door, Confusion, Wall of Fire, Wizard Eye
5th Passwall, Telekinesis, Woodform

She has organized these spells into the following tomes:

Vol. 1 1st / 2nd level
Vol. 2 3rd level
Vol. 3 4th level
Vol. 4 5th level

Each volume could hold up to a maximum of 25 spell levels, but obviously none are quite complete.

She used to be fastidious about putting her spell books away immediately, but after a couple of situations occurred where she wished to swap an unused spell but couldn't get at her spell books because she had used both daily charges in her Passwall ring, she occasionally leaves the book(s) she has just used out until just before she goes for her evening bath. Sometimes, if she's really feeling lazy, she won't put them away at all, especially if the only book that is out is the one containing her first and second level spells. It is up to the DM to decide whether any of Matrissa's spell books are somewhere around the manor or not.

Note that if the PC's come upon Matrissa while she is studying, it is GUARANTEED that the book(s) she is using that morning will be on hand rather than here in the storage room.

22. Dungeon Landing

This landing is on level 2 and connects the stairs between level 1 and level 3. Going up leads to the top of the Secret Stairs (area 13), going down leads to the Torture Chamber (area 26).

23. Mutex Rooms

Each of doors into or out of these rooms uses a different key. They are also "Mutually Exclusive" (hence "Mut-Ex") in that only one may be unlocked and opened at any given time. Thus the PC's must close each door behind them before attempting to open the next door. Each door is also trapped with needle traps that use the same substance found on bedside table in Matrissa's Bedroom (area 9). This is part of Matrissa's defence against any of her prisoners escaping.

Each door will (obviously) be locked when first encountered and automatically re-locks once it is shut unless it has been forced open in some manner (which breaks the locking mechanism). Note, however, that if the locking mechanism on one door is broken, none of the other, currently unbroken doors can be opened by key or by picking the lock and will have to be forced open. It takes 25 strength points of successful "hits" to force a door open. This is determined by having each character willing to slam themselves or something else into the door make a roll vs. strength. For each successful hit, add the difference + 1 to the count. If they use a suitable magic weapon (i.e. a hammer or mace), each plus of the weapon is also added to the count.

The last door has a piece of clear glass in the middle of it, giving it a window into the Dungeon (area 24).

Note also that observant PCs may notice that any wall of these passages which also surrounds Matrissa's Special Storage Room (area 23) or separates the front from the back of level 2 is made of a stone which is a distinctly redder colour than the rest of the building.

24. Dungeon

This room is very large, and has several barred cells scattered around the walls. Four of the cells appear to be occupied. There are two fireplaces, which are dead cold now but appear to have been used fairly recently.

There are eight cells, four are empty, although one of these will appear to have been occupied more recently than the others (the poor young lady whose head and body are in the Magical Workroom and Laboratory (area 27) was in one of the empty cells until yesterday). The four people are miserable, defenceless human "soon-to-be-artwork", with little more than the clothes on their backs (and not necessarily much of that either) at the moment. All four of the prisoners are very beautiful (i.e., CM 16 or higher). All four are from Akorros, and, as mentioned in the "What's Going On Here" section, they will be very, very happy to be rescued. Other than that, details about the gender, age, height, colouring, and other statistics of these four prisoners are left to the DM's discretion.

Note also that observant PC's may notice that the S wall of this room is made of a stone that is a distinctly redder colour than the rest of the building.

25. Cells

Each cell is 10' by 10' with a door to one side facing into the Dungeon (area 24). Each one has a filthy, rough mattress lying on the floor, and whether they are occupied or not, there is a littering of old food remains and other undesirables lying about. The cells are all locked with very basic padlocks - add 10% to a thief's chances to pick. Each padlock requires its own key.


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