JAMM1 -- Jet Black (v2)

D&D Module for Characters Level 3-7
by Jenni A. M. Merrifield
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Level 3


Level 2 & 3

26. Torture Chamber

This room is very obviously some kind of Torture Chamber. There are a row of manacles on the N wall, two "racks" with manacles for arms and legs in the middle of the room, and an iron maiden in the SW corner of the room. Also on the walls hang several implements of torture, such as whips, pinchers, etc. There is a deep fireplace on the W wall that has several metal pokers and branding irons lying half inside it. There is also a ladder near the E corner of the S wall that goes up to the ceiling.

The ladder goes up to a trap door in the ceiling that grants access to one of the Secret Pass Throughs (area 20) that leads between the Large Storage Room (area 18) and the last of the Mutex Rooms (area 23).

The DM should feel free to be creative when describing just exactly what Matrissa is up to if she is in here.

27. Magical Workroom and Laboratory

This is a large room with stone floor. It appears to be some kind of workroom or laboratory. It contains two deep fireplaces, one in the N and one in the E wall.

On the W side of the room, there are two sets of tall, deep cupboards with doors right against the W wall, on either side of a door. In front of the cupboards are two 25' long, 5' wide counters with more cupboard space underneath.

On the E side of the room, there is another 25' x 5' counter, with a 25' x 10' bank of cages to the S of it.

Each counter has a few stools scattered about it. One stool by the second counter even has an animal skull with a candle stuck on top of it sitting on top of it. There is also a stepladder at one end of this counter.

On the N side of the room, there is a water pump with a basin surrounding it to the W of the fireplace, and a large black cauldron sitting on the floor to the E of the fireplace. In the centre of the N wall, there is a low railing surrounding a 10' square region. On the wall to the W of this region are two metal levers. E of this region is a workbench with several items on it, most notably one of Matrissa's busts and two long, thin, curved pieces of jet sitting next to it. Beside the bench there stands what appears to be a headless statue, also made of jet, and a jumbled pile of irregular blocks and large fragments of jet stone.

On the S side of the room, there is a 25' long bookshelf near the W side of the S wall. There is also a metal ladder bolted against the middle of the S wall that extends up to the ceiling.

The large cupboards and the cupboards under the Alchemy stations contain Alchemical equipment and supplies of no particular value - the cupboards under the counters contain extra glass and metal tubing, flasks, etc., while the tall cupboards against the W wall have a collection of glass, stone and earthen ware jars with a selection of chemical compounds in them. There are 40 such containers and if the PC's choose to open and examine the contents of any particular container, roll d20 to determine the contents on Table 1, below.

The closer to the cages the PC's get the more they will notice a foul stench. Each cage contains one or more sickly, abused and malnourished animals (what kind is left up to the DM's choice). They are sleeping on rags that are sodden with their own urine and faeces. None of the animals currently in residence has the strength to put up any kind of fight. Some of them will probably die in a few days unless they are treated appropriately by a cleric or someone with the veterinary skill. Even so, some have been treated so badly, and suffered so much from Matrissa's "experiments" that they will never recover.

If the DM wishes, the PC's may be able to rescue one or two animals to keep as pets. It should take a while for these abused animals to respond well to humans, but with patience and effort they might come around. It should be easier for someone with the appropriate animal training skill or an Elf with the animal empathy skill.

Under the counter next to the bank of cages there is a macabre collection of devices and implements for experimenting on animals, including those required for doing dissections. It is obvious, on inspection, that this counter has been used for just such a purpose.

The fireplaces will only be lit if Matrissa is currently working in this room. The cauldron is currently empty and the pump is similar to the one found in the Kitchen Pantry (area 8)

Pushing the left hand lever next to the railed off area up one notch will cause a set of pit doors in the middle of the railed area to open, and up a second notch will bring a 10' x 10' cage up into the room. This cage has a door with a simple latch. Looking down through the cage, there is a dark view down to the floor of the Cockatrice Pit (area 29) 30' below this one. Without sending a light down nothing can be seen except by infravision, and then only the fact that the pit is damp, and that there is something alive and moving down there. Even with a light, because the "floor" between these two areas is 5' thick, it is difficult to see much, although it might be possible to get a clear glimpse of the Cockatrice. Pushing the lever back down will first lower the cage and then close the pit doors again. Pushing the right hand lever down causes the bottom of the cage to drop open, and lifting it up will close it again.

The workbench against the N wall has a hammer, a saw and two chisels on it as well as the pieces of jet. This is the area where Matrissa "finalizes" her jet "masterpieces" by chopping their "busts" off after telekinetically lifting the petrified body out of the Cockatrice Pit (area 29) below. (She may also use wizard eye to see what she is doing if the "statue" is not visible from the open pit.) The two long, thin, curved pieces of jet are in fact the arms of the poor woman who the statue once was. The bust is of a human female with shorter, curly hair. She has a pleading look on her face and also appears to have been crying. The "headless statue" is the rest of her, as can be determined if the parts are held up in their respective locations. (If this is done, it should become obvious that the girl was pleading for mercy).

The pile of jet blocks in the corner, if investigated, will produce four bodies and eight arms. If explored fully, it should be possible for the PC's to determine, from body physique, that there are three males and one female. One of the male bodies was obviously an elf with waist length hair. These are the "leftovers" from the busts that were sold at the auction of the

The books in the bookshelf are alchemical and biological in nature, appearing to be of the sort someone doing this type of research might have collected. The papers and whatnot on the second counter table are generally a complete mess. There are half-finished spell scrolls with scribbles and crossed off mistakes, there are badly kept research journals which are so confusing that anyone who tries to figure out what she's been up to won't have a hope, etc. If anyone does more than a cursory search they will find one complete spell scroll containing the spell dispel magic.

The ladder goes up to a trap door in the ceiling that grants access to one of the Secret Pass Throughs (area 20) that leads between the Unfinished Room (area 17) and the Dungeon (area 24).

The secret door in the SE corner is opened on this side by sliding a slight protrusion on the door in a downward direction. It is not "secret" on the other side and has a metal handle with a latch that will release the catch. It leads to the Secret Escape Route (area 28) and level 4.

If Matrissa is in here working, she will be concentrating on whatever she is working on - either her Alchemical or Animal experiments. If she is working with the animals, she will likely have one of them in hand or tied down on the counter next to the cages. If she sees anyone entering this room she will defend herself immediately.

Table 1: Alchemical Substance Table
Roll Contents Possible Types Roll Contents Possible Types
1 Sand white, brown black 11 Metal Filings iron, tin, copper, brass
2 Water pure, brackish, holy 12 Blood human, orcish, dwarfin, elfin, dragon, hin
3 Salt common, mineral 13 Dung (hardened) human, canine, feline, dragon
4 Sulphur - 14 Alcohol white wine, red wine, grain alcohol, fruit wine
5 Wood Chips hickory, pine, oak, ash, maple, walnut 15 Fungus Powder edible mushroom, poisonous mushroom, other fungus
6 Herbs dill, garlic, chives, basil, catnip, parsley, thyme 16 Oil vegetable, animal, mineral, petroleum
7 Vinegar red, white, malt, apple 17 Insect Bodies bees, flies, beetles, ants, wasps
8 Tree Sap (Hard) pine, maple, oak 18 Bone Powder human, humanoid, animal, dragon
9 Carbon coal, ash graphite 19 Spice pepper, cinnamon, clove, paprika, nutmeg
10 Crushed Stone quartz, granite, marble, jet, shale, pumice, obsidian 20 Empty -


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