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strawberryJAMM Designs
This is my professional portfolio site as I am a User Experience Designer, specializing in interaction design, information architecture, usability engineering and front end design for web and desktop applications.

As my professional site, this is the most current and up to date.
The other pages and sites noted below are mainly archival in nature, some having existed since the early 1990's.
Their content and designs have not been modified since the early 2k's.

Lord Byron Pages
A Web Site containing facts and flights of fancy about The Right Honourable George Gordon Lord Byron, 6th Baron Byron; notorious lover, lunatic and poet.

Page designed and maintained for my mother, Anne Mott.
Mystara 3E/d20
The semiofficial home of Mystara™ for the Third Edition of Dungeons & Dragons/d20 Rules (which is fondly referred to as Mystara-3E/d20). This site provides a selection of game rules and related information that a DM can use to start and run a Third Edition Dungeons & Dragons/d20 Rules campaign in any of the three campaign settings that make up the realms of MystaraThe Known WorldThe Savage Coast, and The Hollow World.

Jenni M's Mystara Files
An archive of modules, house rules and and other information created for the D&D campaign world of Mystara.

The Original Strawberry Facts Page [ARCHIVED]
A Web Site dedicated to all things strawberry related: recipes, gardening tips, nutrition, trivia, festivities and more. Find out all you ever wanted to know, and more, about the beautiful, delicious, red fruit that we call the strawberry.
This is the first web site I ever created - it started in 1992 and was maintained until 2001. I keep it online entirely for nostalgic reasons.