[ Slices ] Strawberry Slices of Life

Interesting Slices of Life with Strawberry Style.


This page is dedicated to facts and trivia with a strawberry flavour. Some things involve the the fruit itself, others involve places and things that use the strawberry name.
-- strawberryJAMM

If you have any tid-bit of Strawberry trivia you'd like to share with the rest of the Web, please feel free to email it to me at strawberry@jamm.com

[ Slices ]The World Capital of Strawberries -- Wepion, Belgium
From: D.J. Fouarge
I come from a little place called Wepion (in Belgium). In Wepion, Farmers have made their speciality of growing strawberries. I'll give the name of the plant they grow there when i have more information about it. The strawberries taste wonderful and fresh. It is actually said that Wepion is the world capital of strawberries. One typical way to eat strawberries is just to spread some lemon juice on top of them as well as a little bit of fresh moulded white pepper.

From: Kalpana Shankar
There also is a Strawberry Museum in Wepion, Belgium

[ Slices ]The Winter Strawberry Capital of the World -- Plant City, FL.
From: Penny Panos-Klug
Hi. Love your page. I grew up in Plant City, FL (ZIP 33566), which is "The Winter Strawberry Capital of the World". Also located in Plant City is the Strawberry Lab, an agricultural research facility which develops new types of our favorite fruit.

From: (no name given)
There also is a Florida Strawberry Growers Association based in Plant City. Dr. Charles (Chip) Hinton is the exec. (813)752-6822.

[ Slices ]Strawberry Research
From: (no name given)
There is a strawberry research centre in Dover, FL which is part of the University of Florida. Cultural information is available through the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences of the U of F. There is cultural information there on other agricultural crops as well. The page is still developing so more info will be forthcoming.

[ Slices ]Wimbledon Tennis Tournament
Strawberries have traditionally been a staple of the tennis fan's diet during the time period of the Wimbledon Tennis Matches. According to my English Grandmother, the only reason is because Strawberries are in season at the same time of year Wimbledon is held. [If you ask me, that's a good enough reason as any for a strawberry tradition!--JAMM]

[ Slices ]Strawberry Wildlife
Did you know that there is a variety of the Finch called the Strawberry Finch? Visit the above link to read reprints of articles about the Strawberry Finch.

[ Slices ]Strawberry Places
In both my web and my real life explorations I have discovered a few places with a "Strawberry" name:

[ Slices ]Strawberry Law
From: Kevin McManaman
For your information, I recently read a state supreme court opinion dealing with strawberries. Believe it or not, the Nebraska Supreme Court very recently decided an opinion dealing with the methods of sale for strawberries in stores. Apparently the Uniform Weights and Measures Act adopted by many states says that one can sell small berries, in this case strawberries, "by weight or by volume" and the state inspectors decided in all their wisdom that a store cannot sell them both by weight and by volume in the same store at the same time, although they could sell by weight one day and the next day by the pint, half-pint, etc. The store commissioned a survey and over 80% wanted them sold both ways and the rest didn't care. Nevertheless, the state prohibited such a sale method because it would confuse patrons as to which was the better deal. As a result, the little old lady must by an entire half pint with the mouldy ones at the bottom in order to have strawberries for her cereal. She cannot buy just two hand picked strawberries. Or else she can only buy by the pound. It is up to the store to decide the only way to sell 'em that day and she cannot choose. They are prohibited from entering any other sold of a sale method than one of the two mentioned above at a single time. The case name is Baker's vs. Dept. of Agriculture, and is only 2 weeks old. [as of Jan. 4, 1996--JAMM]

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