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 : 2001/Feb/18

Water Elves

The water elves of Minrothad have developed into a distinctive subculture, and are recognized as a group separate from the mainstream elven race of Mystara. In this regard, they are similar to the shadow elves of the Broken Lands, to whom they bear a physical resemblance that many other elves find unsettling.

Personality: A water elf's first love is the sea. He is fascinated by its ever-changing moods and excited by the challenges it constantly presents to the seafarer. His curiosity is piqued by its water mysteries; a water elf loves to travel on the ocean and learn about the creatures in it, and often masters magic which deals specifically with the sea and weather.

Water elves were the first inhabitants of the Minrothad Isles to explore the local waters thoroughly. They were the first to develop moveable rigging on sailing craft so that a vessel could sail close to the wind and maneuver with ease. They continue to innovate and improve their sailing vessels, giving the merchant fleet of the Minrothad Guilds its justly-deserved reputation as the finest and swiftest in the known world.

This avid interest in the ocean and ways to travel upon it have made the water elves one of the driving forces of the Minrothad Guilds. It was their seafaring knowledge and wanderlust combined with the human interest in trade that enabled the Minrothad Guilds to expand and dominate sea-going commerce.

Always anxious to travel, water elves are excited by new sights, new lands, and new prospects for trade. They are happy to arrive at a destination, and are equally happy to leave it for some place new, providing the traveling is done by sea or river. More than half of the Minrothad traders encountered in continental ports are water elves, as are many of the merchant-prince ship captains, but these elves do not care to be factors or guild representatives permanently posted in a foreign city.

Physical Description: Water elves are towed-headed or have light blond hair that bleaches almost white in the sun. Their eyes are blue-gray and their complexions are pale in spite of constant exposure to weather and sun. They have a faint resemblance to the Alfheim elves, but look even more like shadow elves because of their coloration.

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Water Elven Lands: Virtually all water elves hail from Seahome on Alfeisle in the Minrothad Guilds, and the greatest majority of them are members of the Elsan Family Guild, though there are a few found among the other Guilds of Minrothad.

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Religion: The primary religion of the water elf clans is known as "Elendaen", which means "The Ocean Path". This philosophy honors Calitha Starbrow, a water elf from ancient times who ascended to immortality in the sphere of Time. She is especial fond of the water. She taught water elves the art of seafaring and led them to their home in Minrothad.

Adherents of Elendaen believe the ocean is the cradle of all life, for even trees thrive on the rain from storms that form over the sea. Elendaen followers desire to exploit the land and sea wisely so they may continue to prosper.

Keepers and others dedicated to Elendaen wear only garments and accessories derived from products of the sea.

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Elven Racial Traits

  • +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence, -2 Strength, -2 Constitution: Water elves, slighter of build than other elves, favour intellectual elegance and physical agility over brute strength.
  • Medium size: As Medium-size creatures, elves have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Elven base speed is 30 feet.
  • Low-light Vision: Water elves can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. The retain the ability to distinguish colour and detail under these conditions.
  • +2 racial saving throw bonus against all Enchantment spells or effects.
    (Note the lack of an immunity to magic sleep spells and effects. Mystaran water elves also lack the ability to trance for only four hours and must sleep a full eight hours like all other common races.)
  • +2 racial bonus on Listen, Search and Spot checks. Any water elf who merely passes within 5 feet of a secret or concealed door is entitled to a Search check to notice it as if he were actively looking for the door. And elf's senses are so keen that he practically has a sixth sense about hidden portals.
  • +2 racial bonus on Swim checks. Water elves spend so much of their time near, in and on the water, they gained additional competency with this skill as a means of survival.
  • Navigation Sense: Water elves have developed an uncanny natural sense of direction. As a result, a water elf is able to know in what direction a destination lies in relation to his current position, providing he has been to that place at least once before. For this reason it is said that once a water elf has been to a port, he can always find his way back again. Navigation Sense works in conjunction with the Intuit Direction skill, which all water elves are also assumed to be trained in even if they have put no extra ranks into it. To use this ability, the water elf must first use Intuit Direction to to fix the direction of north in relation to his current position in his mind. If successful, there is then a 75% chance that he can correctly identify the direction of the destination in question. If this percentage roll fails, the water elf is simply unable to get a "fix" on the direction to the destination. Navigation Sense can only be used once per destination.
  • Proficient with either longsword, rapier or sabre. Despite their shift from the woodlands to the seas, water elves still esteem the art of swordplay, so all water elves are familiar with at least one "respectable" bladed weapon. However, they no longer place any great emphasis on the so-called "art of archery" and, unlike members of the mainstream elven race, do not spend extra effort on learning to use long bows and short bows.
  • Water elves with Intelligence scores of 10 or higher may cast the 0-level spells (cantrips) detect magic, prestidigitation, and sea legs each once per day. These are arcane spells, and as such the elf suffers spell failure penalties for wearing armour. Treat the elf as a 1st-level caster for all spell effects dependent on level. For detect magic and prestidigitation, see the spell descriptions in the Player's Handbook for more details. For sea legs, see the Spells File for details.
  • Automatic Languages: Local Regional Language, Local Common (if different from Local Regional Language) and Elven. Bonus Languages: Additional Regional Languages, {etc... }
  • Favoured Class: Wizard. A multiclass water elf's wizard class does not count when determining whether she suffers an XP penalty for multiclassing (see "Experience for Multiclass Characters", Player's Handbook, page 56). Wizardry comes as naturally to water elves as to regular elves, although they are far more interested in weather and water magic than other elves. As with other elves, Fighter/Wizards are a common combination among water elves, although Rogue/Wizards are also popular because of their natural inclination to follow the carefree life of the sailor.

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