In My Campaign
A Note about Secrets



Note: The details this page discusses are not yet fully operational.


Some pages in the Campaign Journal section of this site contain secrets.

Secrets are bits of campaign-related information that are not generally known by all (or even any) of the players (or their characters) in this campaign. As a result, I have set this area up so that every secret is associated with at least one keyword. Secrets will only be visible in a browser where at least one of the associated keywords has been entered in any one of the "locks" found throughout this section (basically a web form where you can enter keyword text). This makes it possible to restrict the access of the players in the campagin to only those secrets that their characters would actually be aware of.

For anyone who is not a player in the campaign and who does have an interest in all the background and juicy details found in my campaign, there is one "master keyword" which will unlock every single secret in this site. If you would like to be able to gain access to all the secrets on this site, just send a blank email to and you will receive the "master keyword" that will unlock all the secrets.


Note: In order to actually use a keyword to gain access to these secrets, you must have your browser set to accept cookies.