In My Campaign
New and Modified Feats

Version 1.0  2001/Feb/19

Feat Descriptions

This file describes each new or non-core feat used in my campaign in a format similar to that used in the Player's Handbook, and also describes house-rule modifications to core feats where necessary.

For quick reference, here is an index of the feats currently described in this file:

Track [General]

You can follow the trails of creatures and characters across most types of terrain.

Benefits: As standard Track feat. (See Player's Handbook, page 85, for details)

In addition to the standard benefits of the Track feat, individuals can attempt to use it to find signs of passage and follow these "trails" in aquatic (ocean, lakes, rivers, etc.) or semi-aquatic (seashore, small islands, swamps, etc.) environments.

When tracking in a purely aquatic environment (i.e., ocean, lake, river, etc.) You must move at half normal swimming speed (or at normal swimming speed with a -5 penalty on the check). The DC depends on the location of the quarry on or through the water relative to your location on or in the water, and the prevailing aquatic conditions.

Tracker and Track are
Within 20' of each other   10
10' to 30' apart   15
More than 30' apart   25

Within 20' of each other: When the tracker is trying to follow the aquatic track of a craft or creature that was travelling at a depth or height no further than 20' away from the tracker's current location. I.e., a sea ranger is in a boat on the surface of the ocean trying to track a hipocampus that was travelling near but not at the surface of the water.

20' to 30' apart: The further away from the location where the craft or creature passed, the harder it is for you to sense how currents and other conditions at that location may have affected the quarry's course.

More than 30' apart: Due to the decreased visibility through water as depth increases, it is very difficult to track a quarry who passed more than 30' away from your current location.

Aquatic Conditions
DC Modifier
Every three creatures in the group being tracked   -1
Size of creature or creature being tracked*    
  Fine   +8
  Diminutive   +4
  Tiny   +2
  Small   +1
  Medium   +0
  Large   -1
  Huge   -2
  Gargantuan   -4
  Colossal   -8
Every 3 hours since quarry passed this region   +1
Surface Conditions**    
  Very soft   -5
  Soft   +0
  Firm   +5
  Hard   +10
Weather Conditions    
  Bright sunlight   -2
  Sunny with clouds   -1
  Overcast   +0
  Light rain   +1
  Heavy rain   +2
  Torrential rain   +4
  Hurricane conditions   +8
Water Conditions***    
  Water depth of tracker   +1/10' below 30'
  Clear water   -2
  Calm surface   -1
  Slightly silty water   +0
  Small waves   +0
  Medium, choppy waves   +1
  Large waves   +2
  Obscuring clouds of silt   +2
  Storm waves   +4
* For a group of mixed sizes, apply only the modifier for the largest size category.
** These modifiers only apply when the creature(s) being tracked actually moved across a surface, such as the sea floor, rather than through the water.

These modifiers are cumulative, use all that apply

Special: Individuals using Wilderness Lore when attempting to track in a purely aquatic environment suffer a -15 penalty to their check.

Individuals using Aquatic Wilderness Lore when attempting to track in a purely dry-land environment suffer a -15 penalty to their check.